Training and Development

October 22, 2020

This month all staff have completed their annual Child Protection Training.  

Management also led all staff through a discussion of the role of the practitioner in the outside areas & environment; to develop learning and support development. This greatly helped staff to be able to identify different learning abilities and development of children. The opportunities for emotional, cognitive, literacy, numeracy & physical development were fully explored and enabled the team to fully reflect on practices since re-opening and use of the revamped outdoor area.  

Staff in the Pre-school room have also recently taken part in numeracy training through the new professional learning resource from Education Scotland. To support our focus on Numeracy, new resources have been purchased to ensure children and staff have the highest quality experience possible. 

Management led all staff through a discussion of the Care Inspectorates “Early Learning and Childcare COVID related Improvement Programme”, designed to help childcare providers implement robust measures of self-evaluation ensuring  children’s health and wellbeing are supported and safeguarded during the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing arrangements are supportive to the changing needs of children, and infection, prevention & control practices support a safe environment for children and staff.

Each of these self-evaluation measures have been reviewed across the nursery, with benchmark indicators of success mapped against each to provide a plan that can be continually ‘sense checked’ & revised where necessary in line with current COVID guidance and regulations.

Our nurture champion also took the staff through a very informative presentation on how to deal with challenging behaviours, highlighting the important nurture principal of remembering that all types of behaviour are forms of communication; the language of expressing needs & wants.