The Rompers experience continues outdoors, all our children have free choice to access the outdoor environment as staff respond to your child’s needs. Outdoors our children can access a wide range of developmentally appropriate experiences on our specialist safety surfaces just like indoors, as they enjoy the fresh air and benefits of outdoor play. Morning and afternoon snack is also offered to ask our children outdoors to ensure play is as undisturbed as possible. Children in our Pre-school room can choose to either enjoy lunch indoors or outdoors every day in all weathers. Our indoor lunch provides children with the opportunity to be a table helper, setting the table and inviting their friends to join them. Our outdoor lunch provides a more relaxed approach, as children independently collect their own crockery and set their own table setting. 


Our Pre-school and Toddler room has access to the large, enclosed garden at the front of the nursery. Your child can make the choice whether to enjoy the outdoors or indoors throughout the day. Children are actively encouraged to independently move between the areas via the front and Toddler door. Outdoors the learning continues where further experiences and provocations are planned carefully for to support your child’s learning and development. The outdoor spaces have been carefully designed to be flexible and open-ended. Practitioners continue to plan learning experiences for the outdoor space, a perfect place for larger gross motor opportunities and messy creative experiences in our water and sand areas. This is all whilst providing opportunities for smaller spaces for group games and independent work as well as cosy spaces to rest and relax. Children can independently access resources, wetsuits on rainy days and the toilet without interrupting play.