At Rompers we strive to give your child the best early education and childcare they deserve, so with that in mind, our staff:child ratios are strictly adhered to. All ratio requirements are met with Qualified Early Years Practitioners with S.N.N.E.B, MA (Hons) Education, BA in Early Education and Childcare, PDA in Childcare, HNC in Childcare and Education or SVQ3 in Child Care qualifications being applicable for staff at Rompers.

Rompers values leadership at all levels within the staff team and seeks out opportunities to provide further challenge and leadership to staff in their job role. We value our staff, their skills, knowledge and experience and work hard to ensure they can shape the practice at Rompers to benefit the children and the care they receive. We work hard to ensure our staff are competent in key documentation, theory, and policy to ensure it is embedded within our practice. 

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Staff at Rompers are expected to actively participate in continuous professional learning (CPD) to ensure the best practice is being adhered to at all times. CPD is delivered regularly within our setting during our monthly staff meetings and staff regularly attend further training ensuring that we are delivering the most up to date childcare and education. We fund this within our setting and encourage senior staff to attend PDA training to further develop their knowledge.