Family Sports Day and Teddy Bears Picnic

August 14, 2016

This month Rompers held a family fun sports day and teddy bears picnic at the Montrose cricket pitch.


At lunch time the whole nursery moved over the the cricket pitch for a delicious picnic lunch made by Linda. Families and friends came along too with their own picnic and rug as we all enjoyed our lunch together. 

All the boys and girls had great fun taking part in the sports day, even some mummies and daddies joined in the parent races. 

We had Logan from Montrose Links Park come along and led us all in lots of fun sports obstacle activities. Some of the boys and girls older brothers and sisters got to join in too, so this was great fun. 

Staff at Rompers and members of the focus group organised some stalls included hook the duck, Emily and Angus and a second hand book stall. Everyone loved looking around the stalls and we made some pennies for our nursery garden fund. 

Towards the end of the day the fire engine even came to visit so all the boys and girls got to play with the hose and sit in the fire engine. We had great fun!

With over a hundred family and friends our event was a great success and we hope to continue this annually. 

A huge thanks to all the staff, focus group, parents and families/friends who came along for support!