Developing Skill Based Learning

August 12, 2019

At Rompers we are committed to always reviewing practice and approaches to ensure we are delivery a high quality service. 

Over the summer we have reflect upon planning and approaches towards recording and planning for learning and development. Staff have engaged in policy, guidance and theory to support discussions through staff meetings, CLPL collaboratives and one-to-one sessions. 

We have revisited the importance of skills based learning and what impact this can have on a child's future learning. Alongside skill based learning we are always focussed on supporting a child's development through the range of experiences provided at Rompers. Staff are confident in Building the Ambition and use this document to support development along with key theory. Our planning and observation focus on the development of the child inter connected with a skills based approach. 

Skills based learning focusses on skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, listening, making connections and lots more. 


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