Celebrating 30 Years of Business!

September 2, 2017

This year Rompers celebrates 30 years of business.


Pam first opened the doors to Rompers in 1987 starting with children from aged 2 to 5.

Since then Rompers has developed hugely. Early education is now a critical part of a child’s life and over the last 30 years Rompers has seen many changes and developments within the sector. As Education strives forward to a pivital year in 2020 Rompers is as committed as ever to support young children and families in Montrose.

 With a full refurbishment in 2006 to allow Rompers to cater for babies right through to children aged 9 years, Rompers now has a staff team of 16 to support and cater for the children and families.

Today, Rompers is still lead by Pam however now she is supported by her two daughters Katie and Emma. Both girls play a huge part in the running of the nursery along with the dedicated staff team.

This small family business has seen hundreds of children and families through its door and now in 2017 is delighted to have more and more ex children come back to Rompers with their own babies.

We hope that our past and current families and children of Rompers will agree that our unique family atmosphere in our idyllic location really is our unique selling point.

It was with great pleasure that we celebrated the success of Rompers in the nursery with a special surprise party for Pam. It was great to have past and present children and families to join the celebrations, including the very first child ever to be registered at Rompers.