Schoolie Summer Trip

July 6, 2022

On Tuesday 21st June, all children who are heading away to Primary 1 after the summer attended a "Schoolie Trip" Staff took the children to Brechin Castle Centre for the day. 

We left nursery on a coach which was an enjoyable experience for all children. We saw some of the sights of Montrose and Brechin on the way. 
When we arrived we were all very excited and drove straight into some mini golf, we all handled the golf club and balls with expertise, (absolutely no cheating going on at all!)
We then stopped for a quick snack break of shortbread and a cold cup of water as the sun was very hot. 
We made our way to the park area, which had some bouncy pillows. All children and staff enjoyed developing their jumping skills on these and had so much fun on these. We explored the rest of the park which included an underground tunnel, monkey bars and a very tall slide. 
Some of us spotted the sledge carts and wanted to have a go. We all lined up and took our turns whizzing down in the cart. It was lots of fun and we all screamed at the top of our voices when it went really fast. 
It was then time for lunch in the cafe, The Brechin Castle centre had provided us with pre packed lunch boxes of a ham or cheese roll, fruit pot, packet of crisps, a milky way and a juice carton. 
This left us all feeling very refreshed and refueled ready to take on the fairy trail. 
We all collected our fairy trail booklets and set off on our adventure, we saw many amazing things from massive butterflies, small golden ladybirds and the smallest fairy doors. 
After we completed the trail we found some huge fairy wings that made us look like a fairy. 
We had a little time before the bus came so the children decided they would like to play at the park again. 
We then headed back to the coach and made our way back to the nursery. 
When arriving back we were all very tired and ready for another snack. 
The trip was enjoyed by all children and staff.