Improvement Plan 23/24

August 1, 2023

Our improvement plan is a continued element of our practice at Rompers. Over the last year our aim was to increase parents engagement within the nursery. Through a range of approaches including family open days, meet stay and plays and community experiences we have continued to increase parents engagement at Rompers. 

 At our June staff meeting, staff took time to reflect on our improvement plan and evaluate our action over the year. This year we are in a very unique position due to our recent HMIe inspection. Having received two very good grades it is still important to us at Rompers that we continue to drive towards improvement. 

We are therefore delighted to share with parents that the aim of our improvement plan for session 23/24 is:

By June 2024, 90% of our children will make excellent progress in their learning and development. Our family learning culture will further support the learning and development of all.

We hope that this improvement plan will further build upon the work we have already done at Rompers to support parents in engaging with their children’s learning and development at nursery. During our July staff meeting we began putting together clear tasks to support us in achieving the aim we have created. 

We will do this by working towards two different themes.

1 – Progress in Learning and Development

2 – Family Learning to Support Learning and Development

Each of these themes has been broken down into further sub themes to support staff in engaging with small cycles of improvement. As you can see this year improvement plan will further support the engagement of our families in children’s learning, we hope that parents find this supportive, and we look forward to engaging further with this. 


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