Snacks and Lunches

October 18, 2021

Mealtimes at Rompers is another learning experience where children have the opportunity to develop many skills. Mealtimes are important as this is a time for children to interact with others, make choices and takes turns.

The children at Rompers develop their social skills throughout our snack and lunch time routine. During mealtimes children within the room are encouraged to sit together as a small family, engaging in many conversations with one another along with a key staff member. This supports children to learn key social skills in a safe and natural environment.

Throughout the nursery the children have the opportunity to build their independence, leadership and physical development, strengthening their fine and gross motor skills with the use of their cutlery. As the children grow, they will begin to use their fingers and pincer grip to gain better control. The children build their independence by helping themselves during mealtimes. At age and stage appropriate times, children have the opportunity to set and clear tables, independently serve themselves vegetables and sides in addition to snack. This gives children the opportunity to develop independence and self-help skills.

Over the last year, staff at Rompers have worked exceptionally hard to review our meals times to ensure they are of the highest standard. With reflection, evaluation and conversation Management, Team Leaders and staff continue to monitor our approach.