Block Play in Pre-school

August 18, 2021
The month of August marks the start our new term at Rompers. And what a start to the month we had. 
The first week of august we said goodbye and good luck to our “Schoolies” we wish them the best on their new journey to Primary 1. 
We celebrated their graduation from Rompers and everyone would agree that it was a fun filled night but emotional night at the same time. 
To help kick start our new term, preschool had a new addition to their room in the form a wooden block unit. 
This will help with their block play, which takes on may forms. 
Such as being able to communicate with others, making choice and decisions of what to build, it helps us to Sort, match, order, sequence, count and make comparisons.  
Aswell as developing our stages of block play which include:
Carrying, Stacking, Bridging, Enclosure, Building complex structures and Dramatic Play with complex structures. 
If you would like to know more about how block play can help support your child’s learning visit: