Nursery Life in Lockdown

February 1, 2021

“Learning together even when we’re apart”

In February we were still living in our national lockdown due to Covid-19.

Within the baby room we made a family display, this created a positive nursery to home link with our families. Staff requested for parents to send in some family photo’s via our first steps app. These were then displayed in our baby room home corner, this allowed the children to have a more homely feel when engaging in role play and promoted positive conversation between staff and children. The family display acted as a great tool when settling children into a new environment, staff were able to spend 1 to 1 time with the children to point out familiar faces from their friends and family photographs. 

Preschool set up an online home link learning system through our first steps online app. Staff within preschool supported their children and families to engage in open ended play experiences at home. Each week a staff member recorded a story being read, this then was their main focus for the week. Staff provided parents with possible learning experiences which also linked to their curricular areas. As parents engaged in these learning experiences at home parents were able to provide evidence of this by communicating on our first steps app with comments and photos.