Family Open Day

October 5, 2022

You Said ...

” Perhaps integrating parents into the Rompers community by different means, this has possibly only arisen due to the way children are dropped off making it difficult to interact with other parents so can’t be helped but perhaps a specific meeting or forum for parents in your child's room.”


We Did...

Family Open Day for parents to come along down to the nursery.


In September, we held our first Family Open Day which proved to be a great success. Parents/Families were invited to come and join their child for a 1-hour slot during the nursery day to take part in experiences and meet other parents whilst exploring the setting, both indoors and out. In the evening, parents/families were able to come along and meet others to support relationships as well as explore the environment freely. 

To further aid this, another open day is going to be held in both November and December to provide more parents the opportunity to get involved in the Rompers community. 

A huge thank you to those parents and families that visited during our open day, it was so lovely to have so many of you explore the nursery and take part in a snapshot of your child’s day.