HMIe Inspection - Very Good Result

June 5, 2023

As parents are aware on the 17thof April we had two inspectors from Education Scotland visit Rompers for the week. They carried out the inspection focussing on 2 quality indicators. 

They looked at:

2.3 – Learning, Teaching and Assessment

3.2 – Securing Children’s Progress

I am sure parents will agree that both of these focusses are of significant priority to ensure your child has the appropriate learning and teaching at Rompers. As our visions and values highlight we strive to ensure every child reaches their potential and we work both on the floor and behind the scenes to ensure this happens. 

Following the inspection process, the draft report was submitted to myself for review and further scrutinised by Education Scotland quality assurance checks. 

I am now delighted to now share with our parents that the results of our inspection have been today published live on the Education Scotland website. 

A summary letter for parents as well as the full report has been attached to this newsletter for you to read. Education Scotland grade from 1 being unsatisfactory.

We are delighted to announce that Rompers received the following grades. 


We are absolutely thrilled with our grading from Education Scotland and delighted that our major strengths and continuous hard work have been recognised. A very good result means that the inspectors found a very good standard of provision and we wish to invite all parents to read the report in full. This has also been emailed along with the newsletter.