Parents Evening

November 16, 2022

Today we held our first parents evening in two years!

Parents were invite along to the nursery to spend time speaking with their child's key worker. Rooms throughout the nursery were set up as a typical nursery day to give you a little insight into nursery life and the exciting things on offer. There were information boards throughout the nursery to display the work which is carried out from our nursery champions including nurture, health and wellbeing, risk benefit and eco. As part of our on-going improvement plan work, we were excited to also have further information from local community organisations. Over the past couple of months, Team Leaders have been getting in touch with relevant community links to gather information, this supported parents in being aware of what is on in the Montrose community. During the evening we also shared further training and support about our Blossom app and carried out to feedback during the evening about how often this is used and if further information is required. 

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