Beach Training

October 23, 2023

As parents are aware, our Pre-school children have the opportunity to visit the beach for one session per week. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to explore the ever changing natural environment. During this time the children are developing their gross and fine motor skills but are always understanding how to respect and maintain the natural environment.

From last week, we have begun a small test of change. A group of children have been identified and asked if they would like to be a part of the beach group for the next month. This group of children will attend the beach for 4 weeks taking part in a range of experiences all focussed on the story “We are going on a bear hunt”. Amy our risk benefit champion is leading the group. The focussed group aims to develop children’s creativity in literacy and numeracy through the natural environment.

We are delighted to announce that Rompers is working alongside Fife Council to learn more about the learning potential of the beach. This month two staff members attended a nursery in Fife for an all day training session on the beach. We learnt about how to safely light a fire on the beach, use the natural environment of the beach to further support learning through rock pooling and loose parts. 

A further two staff will attend in November to further develop practice. 


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Updated NOVEMBER 2024

As parents will be aware, Montrose beach front has been significantly damaged following the weather during storm Babet. As a result, Rompers has decided to make the decision to pause our weekly beach learning visits until January. This will hopefully allow the local council to make our beloved beach safe again. Children in our Pre-school room have been asking lots of questions about why we cannot go to the beach. To support learning, staff are supporting children and developing conversations around the impact of climate change and coastal erosion.  

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