Can I go and Play Now?

October 14, 2019

In February management attended a conference and CLPL at Banchory Primary School where the key themes of the book were discussed. During this training, Greg allowed management to have a look at the changes made to the learning provision with the setting to highlight further the impact the principles can have on children. 

Since March practitioners at Rompers have been working alongside the book written by Greg Botrill, Can I go and Play now? This book has provided us with lots of opportunities for discussion and reflection on practice and provision in the setting. Our slow read approach has allowed an hour of CLPL focussed on each chapter at our monthly staff meetings. Led by management, the sessions consider the key points in the chapter and develops this further by linking it to the Scottish, currently policy and guidance along with our vision and values at Rompers. 

Last month all practitioners and management attended a conference led by Greg at the University of Aberdeen. This allowed all staff to hear first hand the key principles promoted by the book. 

Practitioners and management have now come back into the nursery and reviewed learning provision and planning to ensure it supports children with mark making, mathematics and making conversations. Through creativity, collaboration and communication we hope to provide children with the fundamental skills to succeed in life.