Parental Engagement

March 11, 2024

At Rompers we try our hardest to make sure that all parents feel that they can be involved in their children’s learning and development journey whether this be within the nursery or at home. Our improvement plan looks closely at parental engagement and from this we were able to establish some key areas that we could further develop as a nursery. 

At Rompers we hold a “Family open day”. Once a month parents can book a one-hour time slot for themselves or other family members to and play with their child/children. This allows parents to see all the wonderful experiences that their child/children get to be involved in within nursery. This also helps sparks some ideas for parents about what they could provide at home for their child/children for their learning and development. All parents are asked to complete a short survey of how they found their time at family open day. The feedback from these surveys in much appreciated as we use this feedback to better our practice at nursery. This has impacted hugely on our children at Rompers as they all look forward to this day to show off what they do at nursery it gives them the opportunity to show off their learning and development. 

Within the Pre-school room there is a learning group who go on adventures out to the house of dun, the beach and more. These experiences are great for the children’s learning and development, and we want parents to see this too! Parents will soon be able to participate in these adventures as helpers. This will have a positive impact on children and their development as exploring learning within a different environment is super exciting for them and especially if parents are there too!

At Rompers we have our “Parent Forum” group. This group is run by two staff and management. It is an online meeting that takes place every three months, and all parents are welcome to join. Since going online, the participation from parents has increased and the conversations that are taking place are positive and are helping Rompers grow and develop to ensure we continue being the high-quality setting to best support the needs of the children. 

As much as we promote parental engagement within the nursery, we also try to promote parental engagement at home. Each room at Rompers has a “home link bag”. These bags are full of different experiences that the children can take home and explore with their families. Parents are invited to put some pictures on our parent inbox so staff can see what they got up to with each home link. This has been a big success within each room and the children have really enjoyed exploring different experiences at home and looking back on their pictures with staff, engaging in lots of conversations and furthering their learning and development. Parents have also expressed that they too really enjoy the home link bags as it gives them the opportunity to engage in experiences that their child/children do at nursery and helps them to see the amazing learning that is taking place.